I will be posting different crafts that I have enjoyed making.
When I was a young girl I remember my mother had a vanity mirror where she put her perfume bottles and brush on. I made my own out of a picture frame. Our bedroom colors are brown and blue. I used a piece of brown kiwi paper and then I cut out my monogram in light blue vinyl and applied to the paper then put it under the glass. I can put perfume bottles and what nots on it and now my dresser is protected. On the back of the picture frame I put a little felt circle on each corner.
                                  Vanity Saver

These are the cutest things.These are handy to carry in your car or diaper bags. I made this one for my niece. She has the sweetest little Angel. The top has batting under the cloth, then I put her daughter's name on it with vinyl. I am giving this to her as a thank-you gift for her hosting my first every purse/craft show where she can earn gifts and percentage off. 
                             Baby Wipe Case

This is the cutest item that is so addictive when you make the first one. Luckily they are fat free and zero calories.  These make a great BD gift or just a because gift. You receive a pair of ultra warm fuzzy socks.